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Time in Shenandoah, by A.R. Williams

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A.R. Williams
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Time in Shenandoah by A.R. Williams is a chapbook deeply embedded in the rich tapestry of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia (USA). Williams’ poetic voice is characterized by its imagery, introspection, and profound connection with the natural world, all conveyed with a delicate lyricism that captures the human experience and environmental consciousness. His work reflects a keen observance of nature, family, and the passage of time, themes explored with simplicity yet profound depth.

The collection celebrates the transient beauty of the Shenandoah region across its seasons, landscapes, and wildlife, while also venturing into moments of contemplation, humor, and the search for connection in our digital age. This compilation, akin to his prior works, demonstrates Williams’ capacity for creating a portrait of life that deeply resonates on a personal level, urging readers to contemplate their relationship with nature.

Acting as both an exploration and a celebration of the natural world, Time in Shenandoah invites readers to immerse themselves in varied scenes, providing a concise but vivid look into its enduring beauty and the poignant moments that remain etched in memory. Through his wordcraft and keen observational eye, Williams carves out a space for reflection, appreciation, and a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit and the ties that bind us.

Hailing from Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, USA, A.R. Williams’ poetry has been featured in a variety of anthologies and magazines, such as Anti-Heroin Chic, Black Bough Poetry, Ink, Sweat & Tears, ONEART, Red Eft Review, and tiny wren lit, among others. In addition, A.R. serves as the editor of East Ridge Review and is the author of A Funeral in the Wild (Kelsay Books, 2024) and the editor of Twenty-Four: Short-Form Poetry (Ridge Books, 2024). Follow him on Twitter (X) and Instagram @arw_poetry.