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The Trim of Wind's Dress, by Sierra Earle

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Sierra Earle
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Like the sound of the wind, Sierra Earle’s debut chapbook, The Trim of Wind’s Dress, howls with tragic poetics. These 14 poems question the aesthetics of their surroundings to arrive at dynamic truths. Sierra Earle explores identity, grief, whimsy, and more on airborne bodies through an abundance of lucid images. The Trim of Wind’s Dress is for the deep feeling and passionate; the dreamers brave enough to confront the dark. This collection wafts, blows, swoops, squalls, pansexual themes of boundless love and loss.

In this animistic collection, snow turns to rock, trees transmute into death, trauma bequeaths intimate self-knowledge, and all are full of life. While the wind leaves the tangible raw and barren, it gifts a vulnerable container for soulful self-reflection. Yet, The Trim of Wind’s Dress also homes the beauty of the human need.

Sierra (Huxley) Earle is a nonbinary pansexual poet from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Their work has previously appeared in Lavender Review, New Note Poetry, The PAHA Review, and various Lyrical Iowa anthologies. You can keep up with their escapades at