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New Orbits, by Kaitlyn Anderson

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Kaitlyn Anderson
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Poetry, chapbook, 44 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

These poems are inspired by a series of loving observations, encounters, and reflections. Movement, dance, and the outdoors are key threads that hold them together. I wanted to write a series of healing poems that would nourish me while writing them, as well as hopefully the reader. The poems encourage finding and sipping your creative juice, listening to your inner callings, and taking the gentler path.

New Orbits is about finding beauty and wisdom in ordinary moments, such as sitting on the subway or taking an evening stroll. It says we are part of a wild dance. It says we gather new wisdom as life moves. I wrote it to play around tbh.

Kaitlyn Anderson is a writer living in Boston, Massachusetts. She loves to dance, travel, study, eat ice cream and is currently working for International Youth Foundation.