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Sensitive Weirdo, by Lindsey Mills

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Lindsey Mills
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Poetry, chapbook, 20 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

An intimate glimpse into the mind of Lindsey Mills, Sensitive Weirdo is a collection of lyric poetry spanning her career as bassist of indie rock band Surfer Blood (2015-present). Mills interweaves celestial and earthly sensation, embracing the complexity and contradictions of unfiltered humanity.

In 2023, Mills made a resolution to release a song each month, and this chapbook emerges as the latest offering in an audacious, multimedia creative ecosystem that’s still unfolding. First appearing online as unique digital first pressings on the Ethereum blockchain, then in song form on Bandcamp, these poems chronicle an artist playing at the bleeding edge of culture and technology.

Lindsey Mills (she/they) is a multimedia creatrix, bassist of Surfer Blood, fifth generation Floridian and gender-nonconforming swamp witch. Lindsey records & releases her own music, creates collages, zines, visual projections and music videos, curates events, and most recently, added digital collectibles to their body of work.