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My Brother Died, I Think, by Hayley Snyder

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Hayley Snyder
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Prose poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

My Brother Died, I Think explores the aftermath of an unexplained sudden death and whether acceptance can be reached when answers never come. Moving through a patchy timeline of events, the author lets the reader in on what she knows of her brother’s final moments, which isn’t much. When so little is certain, reality borders on the subjective.

This prose poetry collection seeks to reckon with a grief shrouded in speculation and mystery, while the author attempts to vindicate her concrete memories of her brother against the enigma of his death. She is at points left wondering if there are some things better left unsolved. The author grapples with possibilities and hypothetical scenarios, stuck in the liminal space of unknowing.

Hayley is a French speaking Ophthalmic Technician who spends her free time writing, researching unexplained phenomena, and growing her cat sitting business. She is a Pennsylvania native making a home in the Gem City of Dayton, Ohio with her partner Jaden and two-year-old son Asher. She enjoys crossword puzzles and LEGO building. Her work has appeared in The Dayton Anthology (Belt Publishing, 2020).