Bottlecap Press Submission Guidelines

Bottlecap Press is a millennial publishing outfit dedicated to authors' rights and fair pay with the primary goal of emphasizing the alarmingly, frustratingly, artistically human. We actively seek the new and the profound, and are on a constant journey to explore the infinite possibilities of literary multimedia. Founded in Skagway, Alaska in 2014 and currently located in Joshua Tree, California, we are here to showcase the best in artistic talent through the works of visionary authors whose wonderful books speak for themselves. We are publishers of poetry and fiction, chapbooks and full lengths, and all of our books are lovingly handcrafted on demand.

Manuscript submission guidelines:

To prove that you read these submission guidelines, please include your favorite rap lyric at the top of your submission email. Thanks! We are seeking submissions of all types with minimum length of 26 pages. We primarily publish chapbooks, but do take on larger projects occasionally, generally up to novella-sized. Please submit your manuscript in full–partial manuscripts will not be read. Manuscripts may include some previously published material with acknowledgments, but ensure that the majority of the content in your manuscript is original and unpublished. Please review our catalog to get a feel for what types of books we’re looking for-- if you can afford it, making a purchase is appreciated, and can help you get a feel for what we do. Submissions should be formatted to 5x8, and can be submitted via email to

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