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Around & Around, by Ruth Ticktin

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Ruth Ticktin
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Poetry, chapbook, 44 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Around & Around is a chapbook consisting of twenty-six poems arranged into four sections: Stories; Surroundings; Selves; Seers.

Stories reflect the lives of characters, both real and composites, encountered and created.

The poetry includes stories of changes occurring in places and people.

In Surroundings, the poems look around us at hope, mist,  masks on the wall, nature spirits, enfolding drama from dreams and a lyric ode to our sun.

Delving into Selves, there are poems on games, action,  positions,  our fate, and our land. Alone or not, the poems beg the question, how can living beings make sense of where we’re at?

Seers is an exploration of six deceased heroes in conversation with the poet. They include an artist, union organizer, Native American heroine, musician, dancer, and biblical character.

Ruth Ticktin coordinated international programs and taught English in Washington DC and Maryland since 1977. Writing and sharing stories, she is author: Was Am Going, Recollections in Poetry & Flash (NewBayBooks 2022;) co-editor: Psalms (PoeticaPublishing 2020;) co-author: What's Ahead? (ProLinguaLearning 2013;) contributor: MDBards 2023. 2024 & GatheringPoetry, LocalGemPress; Art in Covid-19 (San Fedele Press 2020;)