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Blue Coffee, by Alexej Savreux

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Alexej Savreux
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Poetry, chapbook, 48 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Blue Coffee unveils the poetic odyssey of a journey encapsulated within the pages of Alexej Savreux's first chapbook and fifth collected poetic works. Set against the backdrop of Dzogchen College's Buddhist Studies program in Kansas City, Missouri, from 2018-2019, Savreux's verses serve as both a testament and a reflection of his turbulent experiences grappling with acute withdrawal and his quest for non-attachment and varying degrees of enlightenment. The poems and accompanying artwork embody an inspired, anarchic quest for self-transcendence, boldly experimenting against insomnia, loneliness, and pain within this crucible of physical suffering and spiritual exploration.

As Blue Coffee navigates the corridors of academia and the corridors of Savreux's consciousness, the collection emerges as a multi-modal testament to the psychological power of artistic expression. Through his outsider artwork, a DIY tapestry of multimedia activity appears, and Savreux channels multiple methods of creative catharsis. With a blend of literary and visual novelty, the collection becomes a canvas for the transcendental aspects of life, humor, self-discovery, and intellectual growth, often punctuated by uncontrollable hyperactivity. Inspired by Zen philosophy's tenets and alt-academia's ethos, Savreux's work offers a sui generis perspective on the paradox of being human, inviting readers to ponder, explore, and experiment within their journeys through the prism of abstract and unconventional wisdom.

Alexej Savreux is a poet, satirist, and journalist. Savreux, born in Burlington, Vermont, is mainly known for his avant-garde poetry, unsystematic philosophical essays, sense of humor, and idiosyncratic personality. His creative works are deeply personal, interpretive, and anarchic, characterized by their eclecticism, depth, and attempts to find beauty in pain.