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Body Panopticon, by Hannah Schoettmer

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Hannah Schoettmer
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Body Panopticon interrogates abuse, queerness, poverty and pastoralism in Middle America, and the links between them. The poems span from seedy bars in Bushwick to rural Oklahoma, and talk to firemen, burnouts, boyfriends, and chainsaws.

This collection sees the ugly thing and cuts it open. Speaking both from inside the body of a relationship and from inside the body decayed, these poems aren’t concerned with being nice, or fair. They just want to be true.

Hannah Schoettmer's writing has appeared in The Louisville Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, SOFTBLOW, and elsewhere. She’s received a fellowship from Brooklyn Poets. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, where she’s a student at the University of Southern California.