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To Be the Candle or the Mirror That Reflects It, by Olivia Wieland

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Olivia Wieland
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Prose, chapbook, 40 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Genevieve is a young woman whose life is shaped by her obsessions. Her dysmorphic self image and bitter attitude alter her ability to connect with others. As her best friend Molly’s perfect wedding draws closer, Genevieve’s jealousies begin to manifest in a monstrous form. When her grip on reality slips further from her strong-willed grasp, and she finds destruction to be the only form of retaliation, she reveals that the veil between woman and monstrosity is thinner than meets the eye.

Angsty, witty, and pulsing with feminine depravity, To Be the Candle or the Mirror That Reflects It seeks to explore the innate need to be desired when compromised with a deep rooted fear of perception. Unraveling with tension and sharp dialogue, the story follows an unreliable yet unfortunately relatable narrator, crafting a psychological thriller that keeps readers on the edge. For those who've ever cried in a dressing room or appreciate the complexity of human behavior, this chapbook is a thought-provoking exploration of vulnerability and the intricate balance between being known and being seen.

Olivia Wieland is firstly a writer and secondly an undergraduate student at Kenyon College. She studies creative writing and gender studies, and is an intern at the Kenyon Review. Her work has appeared in HIKA Magazine. This is her first chapbook.