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Confrontation, by Camilla MacKay

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Camilla MacKay
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

This is a chapbook full of emotion–which is to say, it is a short journal overflowing with feelings. The common theme amongst this collection is their origin, which is me. My experiences have resulted in a biblical diary, which you will read after you (fingers crossed) purchase my book. Writing has served as a therapy for me to romantically regurgitate my lessons learned and anxious hypotheticals overthunk. Some of the poems are fiction, some are not, but the factuality of poetry is oftentimes the least interesting and inspiring aspect.

Girlhood is a major theme of this chapbook, but framed in a way that won’t burn the eyes of ‘men’ into pink and purple lollipops which is to say, this book is for any and everyone who wishes to indulge. In this chapbook, solitude becomes sanctuary while sweetness becomes bittered by protruding puberty. These poems were written at a time in my life when I was constantly challenging reality with what movies and books prepared me to expect. My life, like this chapbook, dissolves the lines between fiction and nonfiction to a point where reality becomes whatever I crave it to be.

In this book, metaphor instigates manipulation and rhymes open doors of revelation. I am the god of this book, and you, reader, are a follower; even if only for the twenty minutes it takes you to read my haiku prayers. I hope this collection inspires you to become your own god, and I can’t wait to follow you.

Stay lost, always searching,

Camilla Mackay

Camilla MacKay is a suburbian dream girl turned hustling city-based academic, currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. She studies poetry and critical theory, while partaking in theatrical endeavors around the city as an actor and musical theatre performer. Writing has been her staircase to safety, affording her recovery in recycled pages like the ones you are currently holding. Her inner child has grown into her five foot frame, along with her desire to learn, create, and grow. Camilla can typically be found reading, watching reality tv, writing poetry, or laughing; if you ever catch her doing something else, you might want to ask her who’s rained on her parade. Enjoy the Confrontation collection.