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DEDICATION, by Leslie Lyons

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Leslie Lyons
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Poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Human interaction is sacred, clumsy, silly and sincere. These poems try to reach as well as honor those places by emotionally identifying a key quality of interaction between the subject and the poet. Prose poems, haiku, one eulogy and even a letter written to a past lover all belong here together as distinct places in the heart.

Many of these pieces were written for family and friends. Some were written for celebrities. However, as unique as each poem aspires to be - to honor the individuality of each subject - the hope is that, as a collection, they offer a singular experience.

Leslie is the Creator and Director of the music documentary series ONE NIGHT STAND on Qwest TV, the music content platform from Quincy Jones. The show presents spontaneous collaboration between two curated musicians through performance and conversation. This project came about from Leslie’s experience as a music photographer working with such artists as the Strokes, Nina Nastasia, Sonic Youth, Jose Gonzalez and others. DEDICATION is her first published chapbook of poetry.