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The Last Two Doves of Earth, by Guy Arie Mizrahi

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Guy Arie Mizrahi
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Poetry, chapbook, 40 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

The Last Two Doves of Earth is a chapbook of poetry articulating the value and essentialities of love during times of personal, global, political, or ecological crisis. The chapbook mirrors the experience of Noah’s two doves as they watched flood rains cover the earth, exploring through themes of spirituality, mysticism, isolation, mortality, devotion, and escape. Each poem articulates these themes through imagery timeless and otherworldly, delineating the eternal abilities of love to shelter two people during periods of chaos.

For in love’s shelter there is hope, and with hope there is no fear of the flood.

The chapbook is divided into four sections separated by five ‘Decelerations’; poems developed for repetitious oral recitation, mimicking the practice of prayer. The other poems act as vignettes which reveal, piece-by-piece, the full visual scope of love as it non-linearly blossoms, grows, separates, begins again, and eventually finds maturity.

Guy Arie Mizrahi is a writer currently living in Toronto. From 2017-2020, he independently founded and edited Paramind, an online publication specializing in long-form artist interviews. Since then, his prose, poetry, and essays have appeared in The Globe and Mail and Acta Victoriana. He is also the author of The Last Two Doves of Earth, a chapbook of poetry.