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eternity poems, by Katerina Kucher

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Katerina Kucher
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Poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Poetry has followed me all my life. It is really a way of living, a way of thinking. When I was little, poetry was the easiest form for me to understand, it could instantly create a vivid image and each poem was its own world. Today I am attempting to create my own worlds and invite readers to do the same.

Eternity here refers to the concept that like the thought process, these poems are eternal, meaning that they have no beginning and no end. An eternity poem can be continued by the reader as they engage into a conversation with themselves. The poetic rhythm is designed to help a reader get into a certain immersive state where one can look inwards and awaken personal associations with the themes presented. The rhythm also resembles the kind of melody created by slowly moving from one key to another, think Erik Satie. The themes explore transformational life experiences and realizations like love, loss, faith, belonging, collective care etc. An eternity poem serves as an invitation to find the reflection of emotional states in the elements of nature, merging to become one.

Katerina Kucher is an emerging poetry writer based between Toronto and New York. Her poetry explores themes of various sensual and spiritual experiences following the transformations one goes throughout their life. Katerina’s personal search for a sense of home and belonging serves as a source of questions and revelations presented in the form of a poem.