Matters of the Flesh, by Rianne E. Herrera-Print Books-Bottlecap Press

Matters of the Flesh, by Rianne E. Herrera

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Rianne E. Herrera
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Poetry, chapbook, 20 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Matters of the Flesh is a series of admissions themed around religion, womanhood, queer love, and the human body. This collection seeks to dissect that which is considered sinful and selfish, refusing to turn away from the things of the flesh, and instead finding beauty and acceptance in the marbling of the meat.

Raw and impassioned, this chapbook unveils the seraphic highs and infernal lows of young adulthood, with poems examining the desire, receival, and denial of love at the departure of childhood.

Rianne Herrera is an undergraduate student at CSU Monterey Bay studying journalism and computer science. She is a technophile fascinated with the human body and its compatibility with technology. She specializes in biopunk, cyberpunk, and horror science fiction. Her latest ventures include game development and narrative design.