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good girl, by lyssie brown

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lyssie brown
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Poetry, chapbook, 20 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

you are invited to the dinner party of lyssie brown. over the course of ten poems in her debut chapbook, good girl, a tale unravels of the painful evolution of girlhood trapped beneath a weighted boot. with seashells in her pocket and memories she’s not sure she wants to forget, each stanza of brown’s poetry aches with the desire to be desired, even if it’s to be completely consumed. a lamb leading itself directly to the slaughter, there is blood on her own hands and she knows people love their steak medium rare.

good girl bares its dog-white teeth with each page, gradually morphing from the need of being wanted to the yearning to be heard. brown’s internal monologue, embodying both a rabbit and a fox, reveal her poems as a clear shot to the reader. however, she has been hunted far too long and it’s time to face the beast that stalks. with a bold beginning and a hopeful end, good girl is about setting a place at a table you built with your own two hands. a chapbook for the loyal dogs and the hungry folks.

Lyssie Brown (she/her) is a Tulsa based poet, screenwriter and Capricorn-Aquarius cusp with a passion for writing in (most) forms and every Muppet movie ever made. She is the co-founder of The Sundays Collective, a poetry group with a mission to weave a tapestry of the mid-south through various empowering voices. If she’s not writing poetry vigorously on her notes app, you can engage with all of her musings on A24, cannibalism as a metaphor in literature and more on her Instagram, @lyssiebrown.