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I'm Alone, by James Symphony

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James Symphony
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Comics, chapbook, 44 pages, illustrated, from Bottlecap Features.

I’m Alone is James Symphony’s first collection of minimalistic illustrations coupled with short texts reflecting how the world is felt and digested through his senses. Each drawing represents a different state, a different quest for meaning, or a simple yet cynical observation.

Being his first collection, one can see through each piece the slow evolution of his style and confidence until it reaches a definite state in the very last drawings. Sometimes funny, sometimes bittersweet, embark on this journey in a very unique world where the blue colour and a few words may bring you comfort, or at least a few smiles (well, I hope so. x James).

James is a 30-year-old artist from France who’s studied music, but was too shy to play in front of people, literature, but had bad grades and filmmaking, but was too anxious to direct films. He recently decided he’d do what he loved to do as a child, but only for himself, without any ambition: drawing. This direction gave him the necessary freedom to share his works and thoughts with us today.