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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Where were you when you realized you needed help? Who are you when your friends leave? When nothing feels good, how do you pass your days? Marked by obsession and longing, WHAT GETS LEFT OVER is a blood-soaked love letter from the anxiously attached. This chapbook aches like a wounded animal and bites like a bratty submissive. Written after a tumultuous relationship, this collection occupies a space of dark intimacy.

For all the hopeless fantasizers and heartsick femmes! WHAT GETS LEFT OVER is a pink-tinged revenge fantasy, a daymare coping mechanism, a gut-wrenching sob session in front of the mirror. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to clean up after yourself.

Auzin lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest, most often in Seattle. This is her first collection of poems. She was the Managing Editor of Hecate Magazine before its closure, and is currently a submissions reader for Variant Lit and The Jupiter Review. More of her work can be found at byauzin.com.