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The Planet of Left Hands, by Brooks Lampe

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Brooks Lampe
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Poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

This chapbook collects a few of the poems Brooks wrote for Uut Poetry, of a hub of experimental and surrealist poetry, from 2011-2018. The site came into existence when Brooks’s dissertation research on surrealism in American poetry bubbled over as creative rendezvous with chance procedures and semi automatic writing. Whether haunted by quantum theory or Surrealists from the 1920s floating above his bed, Brooks leaps through life’s wonderful contradictions.

"Each of Brooks Lampe’s poems is like a page lovingly torn from a standard English dictionary and then set beautifully on fire."

—HOWIE GOOD, Author of Cryptic Endearments

"The lines fire me like out of a circus cannon. Suddenly I’m not where I was. I turn the page, and again I’m somewhere new, hurtling headlong in some unknown direction, toward things miraculous and strange."

—BOB SCHOFIELD, Author of The Inevitable June

Lampe’s as wild, generous & surprising as the cosmos; as human, tender and wailing as any of us.

—DAN RAPHAEL, Author of Impulse & Warp: Selected 20th Century Poems

Brooks Lampe is an English professor at George Fox University in Oregon. His poems have appeared in Peculiar Mormyrid, Little River, Right Hand Pointing, Bombfire, and elsewhere.