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let it rip, by Jess Chua

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Jess Chua
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

let it rip showcases the implosion of relationships that aren’t meant to be. It’s about peeling off the band-aid from a relationship that has run its course. It’s also an ode to the freedom we gain from truths we learn through heartbreak.

Ambiguous boundaries, unrequited love, and examining the substance of a relationship are threads interwoven throughout this collection. Take it as an invitation to sing, weep, and commiserate in between these pages of love, lust, and ill-fated romances.

Jess Chua’s debut poetry chapbook takes a deep dive into the breakup experience, breaking down years of turmoil and turbulence with clean precision.

Excerpts from the chapbook have appeared in Musepaper.org and The Five-Two.

“A collection of raw, honest, and vulnerable poems.”
-Shloka Shankar, Founding Editor of Yavanika Press

“Jess’s poems are seductive, stylish, and surprising.”
-Gerald So, editor at The Five-Two weekly crime poetry site

“A dark and completely relatable theme.”
-Dennis M. (reader)

Jess Chua is an award-winning writer and sketch artist. Her work has appeared in 34th Parallel Magazine, cha journal, and Mystery Tribune. Her essay “The One” won a Musepaper Prize from New Millennium Writings. Ruminations of romantic low points resulted in her first chapbook. Jess has an 8th house Venus in Scorpio and plans to eventually complete a horror short story collection. Her website is jesschua.com