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Look at the Moon, by Gareth Fitzgerald

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Gareth Fitzgerald
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Poetry, prose, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Look At The Moon, an anthology of poetry and a short story, shines a little light on the funny feeling of embarrassment when coming of age, a sensation as silly as it is paralyzing. In the title story, a 15-year-old girl has secluded herself in her bedroom for an entire summer because she believes she is being stalked. In this time alone, getting familiar with her shame and neurosis, she discovers that she may be hiding from more than the old man across the street, who watches her through a telescope.

The poetry surrounding the title story takes a closer look at the role that embarrassment can play around a blossoming identity. A smothered dream, bad coping mechanisms, another faulty resolution, and a reluctance to communicate with those we are desperate to be heard by. We all remember the utter humiliation of taking our first steps, right?

Look At The Moon begs you to read with intention and then take direction from the title.

Gareth Fitzgerald is a 23-year-old writer and dog mother from upstate NY. She has been a writer all her life, though this is her first time being published. She writes short stories, screenplays, and poetry. Gareth is currently earning a master’s degree in Information Science to work as a librarian or archivist while she pursues a life in writing. Gareth drinks her coffee with cream and no sugar and enjoys reading on the beach.