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My Eyes, by Z.H. Gill

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Z.H. Gill
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

My Eyes is 40 17-syllable poems on animals, families, body parts, rollercoasters, stores, milk, dentists, towels, and tombs, together depicting an expiring world bleeding out spiritual noise from every magnificent orifice.

Z.H. Gill’s debut chapbook of bastardized-neon haiku/senryu—inspired equally by Charles Simic, Lucille Clifton, and Frans de Waal—My Eyes is an extremely brief lyric-distillation of a very short millennium.

"Z.H. Gill's words, intimate and spare, come straight at you. Refreshing."

—Frederick Reuss, author of Horace Afoot and Mohr

"Just as the natural world forces open cracks in the commonplace in this collection, My Eyes offers quick, 17-syllable punctures to your sense of meaning. If you can't get rid of that smell in your apartment, if you drive past daily car crashes on your commute, and/or if you feel that sunsets have something to tell you, but you can't understand what they're saying, read this collection. I read it three times before writing this, and I'm about to read it again."

—Alex Youngman, author of Some Bugs and I Can't See It Now

"To find such allure and ache in such austere form is a rare gift. To find a writer who renders each haiku like a bone bruise is even rarer. Z.H. Gill’s My Eyes leaves you unnerved and stirred, and grateful for every word of it."

—Max Tullio, filmmaker and provocateur

"The love child of Rupi Kaur and Colleen Hoover, conceived immaculately on the Kingda Ka, Gill is a quadruple threat: the heart, mind, voice, and smegma of his generation."

—Jon Doughboy, writer and literary trickster

Z.H. Gill lives in East Hollywood, CA, with his cat Hans. His writings have appeared in X-R-A-Y, Apocalypse Confidential, Back Patio Press, hex, Expat, Rejection Letters, HAD, Triangle House, Maudlin House, Misery Tourism, SWAMP, Forever, Animal Blood, trampset, Hobart, HOMINTERN, BRUISER, the Staten Islander, Stone Circle Review, DON’T SUBMIT! and some other fun spots.