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How to Love an Unreliable Narrator, by S. L. Fernandes

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S. L. Fernandes
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

How To Love A Unreliable Narrator is a mostly linear recounting of the pattern of being obsessed with finding the perfect kind of love. It’s a short collection filled with a lot of scattered metaphors that try to paint a picture of my train of thought throughout all of these instances.

Each poem conveys either my often unreliable memories, dramatic emotional changes, and conflicting queer feelings, all leading towards an attempted ‘diary-esque’ reflection about having new and possibly better relationships with others and myself.

Born in Toronto, Ontario. S. L. Fernandes is a queer POC beginner authour who has always been interested in writing and storytelling. They’ve been writing for basically as long as they were able to. Having not talked a lot as a kid, they figured it was their one way to communicate with other people and be able to express themselves clearly with (hopefully) little room for misinterpretation. They’d always done more long form fictional prose but decided to try poetry again, and fell in love with the medium, leading to this, their first published piece ever!