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Notes For a Mid-Youth Crisis, by Daragh Fleming

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Daragh Fleming
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

You find yourself at a fork in the road. Perhaps there are many forks. You wonder about things – about life and how you are living it compared to everyone else. Has everything been a mistake? Have the decisions you’ve made been the right ones? You’re young but not as young as you once were, and now you’re beginning to wonder where it all might have gone wrong.

Notes for a Mid-Youth Crisis is Fleming’s debut poetry chapbook. Here, Fleming delves into the introspective. He wonders about life, love, meaning, purpose, isolation – themes familiar to any of us who have ever felt lost. Notes for a Mid-Youth Crisis is a collection dedicated to those among us who aren’t quite sure of where they are or who they wish to be.

This collection looks into the past and tries to extrapolate meaning from the road so far.

Daragh Fleming is a writer and poet from Cork, Ireland. His work is widely published, with two collections of short stories available as well as words appearing in multiple literary magazines. Daragh broaches everyday life with a conversational style to explore the introspective side of life. His work reflects a universal attempt to find meaning in the modern world.