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a year of nothing much, by Lindsay Pelliccia

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Lindsay Pelliccia
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Poetry, chapbook, 20 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

What happens once you put your cap and gown away in your childhood closet? Who are you meant to be and what is life supposed to look like? These are the questions that Lindsay Pelliccia asks in a year of nothing much, her raw account of life after college. In the collection of 11 poems, Pelliccia describes the struggles and beauties of her life without the familiar and comforting structures of her youth.

These poems appear in the order they were written. This chronological structure follows Pelliccia as she moves back to her Massachusetts hometown, travels around the Northeast, fails to find work, contemplates her adolescence, and falls both in and out of love. At its core, a year of nothing much is a meditation on life and love. The collection dissects the connection between freedom and restriction, love and hate, and hope and sorrow.

Lindsay Pelliccia is a creative who hails from Western Massachusetts. She has been previously published by several literary magazines and independent presses and has a self-published collection of poems titled 30 Days of April. Pelliccia is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Jo Literary Magazine and Creative Collective which has published five, soon to be six, issues. In her spare time, Pelliccia writes, makes books and zines, and listens to her CD collection (of which she is very proud).