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Odd Girl, Odd World, by RJ Barduhn

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RJ Barduhn
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Have you often questioned to yourself if you were meant to be on this planet? That you were an alien trying to make a sense of the ordinary? In this small collection of 23- page free-verse poems, it is meant to organize these complicated feelings we hold inside. Odd Girl, Odd World reflects upon the isolation of growing up as a neurodivergent girl in a world that doesn’t understand you and a world you hardly understand yourself.

It contains the whimsical essence of Alice in Wonderland, a splash of David Bowie and the socially awkwardness of Charlie from Perks. Written in a metaphorical language and direct tone, it clearly paints the picture of our world in a different perspective. One that gives you a pair of vans owned by the writer herself and allows to wear them for a brief moment.

RJ Barduhn otherwise known by Rachel is a biracial Jamaican/German writer from Ontario, Canada. She has been writing since the first grade and her work has since been included in publications such as Scarborough Arts 2021 issue 8, PITCH Mag issue 3 and online poetry magazine, Pinhole Poetry. When she isn’t writing, she thrives in a room filled with books, surrounded by art and mugs of hot tea. This is her debut poetry collection.