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Of You and For Me, by Allison Lee Riechman-Bennett

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Allison Lee Riechman-Bennett
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Of You and For Me is a collection of poems involving friend-breakups, cold creek water, soulmates, and, above all else, food. While eating the collection itself is not an option, consider a dive into nineteen poems based around literature and snacks, all while focusing on indulgence in relationships and the limits we face internally. Simultaneously a procession to the kitchen fridge and a frail disposition to the expectations of others, Of You and For Me places the reader in a shaded stream, an after-hours Schnucks and a snack-filled study room in the corner of your favorite library. Live to indulge and find yourself in this neurotic grocery list.

Allison Lee Riechman-Bennett is a student and her most recent publications can be found in upcoming issues of Same Faces Collective, Unfiltered Zine and Unapologetic Zine. Their debut collective cookbook is expected in 2022, published with saaltpress. Alli spends the majority of her free time volunteering, playing Animal Crossing, procrastinating deadlines, and dousing food in olive oil. To consensually stalk Alli, you can find her almost anywhere @allirichyb and on their website, allisonleeriechman-bennett.org.