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Is It Over Yet?, by Isabella Kovar

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Isabella Kovar
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Poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Isabella Kovar loves a good epilogue, especially when her anxiety bothers her with the pressing question of whether she’ll make it out in one piece.

Hopelessly wondering if there’s an end in sight, Is it Over Yet? explores the haunting inquiry that longs for fulfillment. Contentment reachable or not, this collection of poems asks the reader to dig deep into their innermost desires, conflicts, and feelings deemed as indecipherable.

Kovar illustrates nostalgic recollections of her poor tendencies—longing and constantly dreaming about how her future can help her escape the past and present. The whispers of worrisome thoughts and slivers of hopeful dreams juxtapose her perception of reality, and these poetic recounts act as needed assistance that help her decipher the ever-changing nature of adulthood and the importance of becoming content with the inherent uncertainty that comes with it. This chapbook belongs on the bookshelves of those who find solace in the simultaneous dichotomy of dire conclusions followed by shiny new beginnings.

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, Isabella “Bella” Kovar is an artist with an eye for whimsical feelings and romantic nostalgia. She’s dabbled in prose, poetry, screenwriting, creative nonfiction, and any other sort of written expression that she can. Ever since she could hold a pen, Bella’s passion and love for storytelling has been of major importance to her and continues as she studies Creative Writing and Film Production at DePaul University. When she’s not in Chicago buying overpriced coffee and getting into deep conversations about movies and literature with her friends, she enjoys being in her Omaha home where she cuddles with her Corgi puppy, Archie. Is It Over Yet? is her second chapbook, succeeding Baby Teeth which came out in May 2022.