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overworked anthologies, by Jamie Anthony

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Jamie Anthony
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

This chapbook is a culmination of works written throughout youth and adulthood. It visits topics of trauma, of generational patterns (some broken, some not), of identity searching, of mental anguish, of the mundane, and of love - when prompted. Writing is an effective coping mechanism, and finally a healthy one. These poems have been written through each dark time, and have brought enthusiasm through each positive. In the endless quest for acceptance, it has been found within these poems.

Frequently touching on lighthearted self deprecation, these poems have been written through a realist’s perspective. After numerous attempts at a final draft of this chapbook, the closest thing to an ending has finally been reached. Although it may seem scattered or frenetic, the hope is that these poems can resemble the reality of the human psyche. This is only a book of neutrality in prose.

Jamie Anthony is a trans and queer writer, musician, and mental health advocate born and raised in New England. Taking a realistic approach to trauma healing, his writing is often a reflection of his own mental illness and recovery. He began writing poetry at age 13, and hasn’t stopped since. This is his first full chapbook, and it includes some of his first poems. His writing addresses various aspects of queerness and transness and his own journey to self-acceptance.