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Phases of Flight, by Amber Penney

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Amber Penney
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Phases of Flight serves as a visual and poetic memoir, drawing inspiration from the author's personal journey and contemplations. It metaphorically mirrors life's highs and lows, portraying the process of embracing failures as achievements, no matter how modest or seemingly inconsequential. The book encourages readers to introspect, pondering on the number of times they are willing to embark on the ascent, restarting the climb to attain their aspirations.

Structured around the framework of the four phases of flight, each section commences with a uniquely titled poem encapsulating the essence of that phase. Subsequently, 2-3 interconnected poems follow, weaving a narrative linked to the corresponding phase. Throughout this poetic compilation, the themes of neglect, poverty, inadequacy, fear, independence, failure, resilience, and gratitude unfold, culminating in a self-reflective landing. The collection thus takes the reader on an emotional journey, exploring the complexities of the human experience and concluding with a moment of introspection.

Residing in a Chicago suburb, Amber Penney is a dedicated mother, self-taught artist, and passionate gardener. Pairing her poetry with art, she skillfully expresses specific moods. Amber firmly believes in the therapeutic power of poetry and art, showcasing her works at Art Basel and making them accessible on her website.