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Remiss Revelations, by Michelle Gonzalez

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Michelle Gonzalez
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Poetry, chapbook, 44 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

"There is nothing “remiss” about the “revelations” in the newest collection from poet Michelle Gonzalez. These gentle poems politely unpack the domestic to revel in its sublime beauty—the unmade bed, unwashed dishes in the sink—and transform it into an opportunity for reflection. Through references to art, books, film, television, and music, Gonzalez re-examines cultural touchstones and re-contextualizes them. From Monet and Bob Ross to the mermaid Ariel and the Wicked Witch of the East to “The Child” and the child, these poems artfully enact the tension between “The Things I Plan on Doing” and “The Things I Haven’t Done” to reveal our truest selves in the space between what is expected of us and what we really want."

—Cati Porter, author of small mammals

"For those on a journey towards peace and healing, this poetry book makes for a great addition. Its poems on Perceptions and Contemplations are filled with heartfelt reflections on love, being different, and surviving in a world that often lacks acceptance. And as life comes full circle, the author says, “I enjoy an occasional nap at the end of the day.”"

—Isabel Elias, author of Carla: A Love Story Within These Pages, Poet

"Michelle Gonzalez invites us into the intimate corridors of her heart, where the threads of family weave a narrative which is at once personal and universal. Her poems on motherhood resonate with authenticity, capturing the moments of raising a daughter. As she crisscrosses the landscapes of her own life and the world beyond, Gonzalez unfurls a map of musings, each poem a journey of self-discovery.

She is a poet who shows an ability to capture the ordinary and elevate it to something unique. Remiss Revelations is a testament to her growth as a poet, a collection that navigates the intersections of memory, identity, and the ever-shifting landscapes of life."

—Wendy Van Camp, Poet Laureate of Anaheim

"Michelle Gonzalez's book of poems Remiss Revelations reads like a charming diary of days felt softly. Each entry is a window into quietude and domesticity, but they also offer the reader instructions on how to be gentle, observant, and playful towards the things we love. She has poem titles such as “Ode to this Day of Delight,” “Sanctuary,” and “Observing the Child.” She describes family moments, classroom lessons, and places visited with the delicate touch of one painting a small ceramic figurine. We learn of her desire to have her family close, the pleasure of nestling on the couch, and the wonder of watching the weather subtly change outside the window. There are lists of things that will and will not get done. After reading her book in entirety, I felt the desire to slow down and get to the essence of the world around me. "

—Emily Fernandez, author of Pliny and Other Problems

Michelle Gonzalez is a native of southern California and is the author of five chapbooks of poetry, including Morning in the House by the Field and Wild Chrysanthemum. Her work has also appeared in various anthologies such as The GNU Literary JournalWriting From Inlandia anthologies, and San Bernardino, Singing.

Michelle teaches Language Arts in the local school district. She continues to write about her experiences in the Inland Empire where she lives with her husband and daughter.