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Artist’s Rendition: New and Selected Prose, by Greta Unetich

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Greta Unetich
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Prose, prose poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Artist’s Rendition: New and Selected Prose is a short collection of mostly new and some previously published prose poetry. This chapbook contains some of Unetich’s newer, longer-style pieces that each tell their own short story, written through a retrospective, nostalgic lens. Elements of the four seasons, light, and dark are woven into many of the pieces so that each piece can not only be read but can also be seen and felt. Artist’s Rendition serves as a study of the intersections between important memories, confusion, the five senses, and light, and how we remember and process such moments once their times are up, through the mind’s eye of an artist, poet, and writer.

Unetich’s prose can best be described as nostalgic, wistful, and delicate. She aspires to rewrite each important memory as if it was an artist’s rendition, a different, unique interpretation of each small moment. Each stanza is a different memory, feeling, thought, or conversation brought together to create a piece that revolves around one specific person or period of Unetich’s life.

Greta Unetich (they/she) has been writing poetry since eighth grade. She published her debut book of poetry, Look Both Ways, in December 2019 and Polaris in May 2021. Unetich is an editor for Buzzsaw Magazine and Detritus Zine, and a regular contributor to Buzzsaw Magazine, Detritus Zine, Kindergarten Magazine, and Living Zine. Her books are available for purchase at Buffalo Street Books and Odyssey Bookstore in Ithaca, New York and at Monaco's Coffee in Geneva, New York. In addition, their poems have been published in several print and digital magazines across the United States, Canada, and India. Unetich attends Ithaca College where she majors in biology and minors in chemistry and education. They hope to become a high school biology and chemistry teacher and a diabetes educator in a hospital.