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Petsmart Sabotage, by Heylu Wheat

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Heylu Wheat
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Poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Petsmart Sabotage was created with the idea and imagery of people and animals destroying chains and fences that keep freedom at bay. What are the fences you must unlock or destroy? Poems in this chapbook tell of tender moments of waking beside a lover, and the swell of wounds that follow heart break.

Love looks like traversing coasts, only to find the isolation brought on by the global pandemic. The poet wonders, what would happen if we owned the coffee shop we work for? How do we keep revolutions turning and charging forward? And importantly, are flowers happier rooted in the ground, or plucked and pushed into vases? Explore the realm of Heylu’s mind, framed by metaphors of the natural world, a place where the author feels at peace.

Heylu Wheat is a poet born in Buffalo, New York though she has traveled and lived across the country. She finds it difficult to remain in one place. She performs at open mics and creates homemade videos to accompany her words. You can find these videos on instagram, under the name: heyluwheat. She enjoys observing wildlife, reading books by revolutionaries, and unlocking parts of herself she never knew about. She currently lives in San Jose, California.