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Sea Bird, by Brianna Lemarier

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Brianna Lemarier
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Sea Bird is a collection of poetry about growing up and changing in this life. It is an expression of joy, pain, fear, and honesty, and a contemplation of relationships with people, and of the many selves we are all made up of. Growing up is a universally shared tragedy, but also an honor that not all are lucky enough to experience. It is a loss of a certain shade of the world that will only fade as time goes by. Sea Bird is an attempt to drag that color back into the world.

Through art and the courage to feel, we can bring back echoes of the beauty of the past, and maybe find new colors in the now. This collection is a journey that hopefully resonates with readers, and brings the comfort that we are not alone. Here’s to the sensitive ones, and the beauty of all that they feel.

Brianna Lemarier is a student of literature and a writer currently studying at the University of Maine. She is passionate about storytelling in it’s many forms, and she calls New England her home. Her one vice she vows to never change is the copious amounts of coffee she consumes. Sea Bird is her first chapbook.