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Grind Your Dreams Into Seeds, by Teagan Lewis

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Teagan Lewis
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Poetry, chapbook, 56 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Grind Your Dreams into Seeds by Teagan Lewis is a collection of poems that reads rather like a story. Beginning in the dead of night, at the lowest of heights, the poems gradually rise to a precipice tall enough to see the sun. It is a journey of learning how to reconcile with unexplainable grief, with one’s own misery. When life hands us a blow we can either allow it to knock us to the ground or find the strength inside to push ourselves onto our feet. Grind Your Dreams into Seeds is an ode to taking one’s shattered parts and turning it into art.

This is a story of opening up to the world, of breaking down the walls we hide behind. Although there is pain to face, there is love to be known. When we allow our voices to be heard, we can recognize the beauty in our own words. You are a part of the world’s symphony and have a verse. No one else can sing your song. These poems are meant as a guide to one’s own self discovery. Let them serve as a flickering light as you make your way home.

Currently residing in the city of Philadelphia, Teagan Lewis is just finishing up her bachelor’s degree at Thomas Jefferson. In her free time, she works at an ice cream shop and enjoys all the music the city has to offer. The moon and the sea will remain her greatest loves. Writing, on the other hand, has always been her passion and most recently, her therapy. Grind Your Dreams into Seeds is Teagan’s first collection of poetry.