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Hopeless Tomato, by Sarah Robbins

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Sarah Robbins
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Hopeless Tomato is a collection of poems that exists at the intersection of playful and longing. The poems range in topic from thirst traps to video games to borderline-blasphemous bible verse reprises, with an often stream-of-consciousness flow that pulls you through to the last line. The collection is threaded together with a voice of sincerity that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Sarah Robbins is a writer originally from Oklahoma City, who currently resides in Kansas City. They edit for Pretty Cool Poetry Thing and have been published in Carte Blanche, Vagabond City Lit, Heavy Feather Review, and numerous times on their Instagram close-friends tab. They spend most of their free time trying to make their friends laugh. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram (@/saaraahkate).