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All the Trees Are Falling, by Tiffany Jimenez

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Tiffany Jimenez
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Prose, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

A group of childhood friends purchase a plot of land to build their respective dream homes next door to one another. Some are starting their families and others are on the verge. Some are super excited to be so close to one another. Some are struggling to understand why they decided to do this at all. And then a tree bordering their plot of land falls. And then a few more trees follow suit. And the neighboring town, they of course blame the millennials.

All the Trees Are Falling examines the intricacies of childhood friendship while exploring the physical and mental cost of getting everything you thought you wished for.

Tiffany Jimenez is from the San Francisco Bay Area. She earned her BA in Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz and her MFA from Saint Mary's College of California. She is the author of the novella, The Moment You Remember, You Forget and she is the recipient of a Prairie Schooner Virginia Faulkner Award. Other than being an ardent supporter of the imagination and the art of storytelling, she writes a lot, laughs a lot, startles easily, and loves potatoes. To see what else she is up to, visit