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Triple Point, by Heather Flescher

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Heather Flescher
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Poetry, chapbook, 56 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

This book takes its name from the scientific term describing a substance which is simultaneously liquid, solid and gas. It collects an assortment of poems which cover an extensive range of subjects, yet all are connected.

The first section is a cycle of largely autobiographical pieces exploring the poet’s relationship with water, growing up by the ocean and finding tangible comfort and spiritual solace there. The second section explores issues of identity and performance, with parallels between the struggles of the poet’s personal transgender journey and the stresses and rewards of public creative endeavors. The final section expands the scope by weaving together common threads of puppetry, popular music, women’s history, drumming as therapy, and the possible end of the Universe. Collectively, these works form a progression that takes the reader on a journey both challenging and uplifting, vast and intimate.

Heather Flescher is a disabled trans woman who writes poetry, short stories, plays, comics and essays. She has performed her work hundreds of times at numerous venues, and is passionately committed to the idea that language can change the world.