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WET MOUTH, by kelly mckay

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kelly mckay
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

WET MOUTH is the debut chapbook by kelly mckay. It is a personal and existential exploration of the relationships and heartbreak that doctor us. The book is a sonnet series that reads like a narrative long-poem-- exploring the surreal and dreamy as well as the abject and pitiful. It asks questions like, what satiates a person? What shapes them? What should they worship?

As the speaker traverses the topography of their heritage and a codependent and frightened inner world, they make some discoveries while muddying others. WET MOUTH is romantic, sad, and immodest without being solipsistic. It is about what matters, and about nothing. 

kelly mckay is a poet and painter living in Philadelphia. They are a Temple University graduate who went to high school with your cousin. You can read their works in Voicemail Poems Magazine, Hyphen Literary Magazine, and others.