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Forbidden Words, by Kristiyana Yordanova

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Kristiyana Yordanova
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

This book signifies the journey a woman has to face in order to build character and strength. The poetry is an authentic account of unhealthy relationships and the numerous emotions which arise during this difficult period. Vulnerability is a powerful tool which the writer has used, in order to remove existing stigma around this topic. Many young women have been in relationships where their significant other becomes toxic and exhibits negative behavior towards them. This has many implications on how you see yourself as well as your self esteem. In retrospect, toxic relationships are very powerful. It is hard to walk away,because usually there is a magnetic attraction paired with an addiction to the extreme highs and extreme lows which have been captured in the poems. Once you have seized the strength to walk away, that is when true transformation occurs.

The poetry captures the themes of the book which are love, loss and healing. Each filled with powerful imagery and metaphors to fully capture the essence of the moment. Oftentimes, our sensations are heightened due to the powerful feeling of infatuation and passion. The darkness may overcome us, but this book is a reminder that there is always light within you waiting to be unlocked.

Kristiyana Yordanova is currently enrolled in the Arts Program at the University of British Columbia. She is pursuing her passion studying both Psychology and Neuroscience. She is currently fulfilling her dream in becoming a clinical psychologist, and helping women feel empowered by means of education and more affordable therapy. Along with her career goals, Kristiyana is an aspiring author of poetry. She has written about the difficulties of toxic relationships and spiritual growth. Being crowned as a Miss World BC finalist 2022, Kristiyana has shown extensive volunteer work, contributing to various community and charitable events supporting causes like women's empowerment, education workshops for mental health in youth, women’s shelter, preparing meals for the homeless, and elders' home support. As the Youth Ambassador for BC, she represented her city and province with pride.